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Public Art Project

II was chosen as one of the artist to paint a boot for Elko, Nevada's Centennial Public Art Project.  I worked with Eide Bailly, an accounting and tax firm, to create a boot that reflected the Centennial spirit of Elko.  It was a hug undertaking as Eide Bailly wanted a realistic figure on this contoured boot.  I am pictured in the photograph to the right about half way through the project.  I used a significant portion of my husbands shop and some of his equipment to facilitate the work.  I placed the boot on his floor jack to easily spin and move the large sculpture.  Another challenge was using acrylic paint, as I usually work with oils. It was a great experience and the finished project is on display at Eide Bailly, 975 5th Street, Elko, Nevada (pictured below).  

2019 Me with Boot.jpg
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